Monday, April 20, 2009

Hey, Remember That Time....

Today's post is going to be short because 1. Maureen Johnson gave everyone the day off, which I'm not accepting since I joined Blog Every Day April late anyway and 2. My little sister, Mariah, is waiting for me to do this so we can watch our free RedBox movies together.

This blog topic was inspired by a Regina Spektor song ("That Time") that I listened to on my iPod today at work. (I love Regina Spektor; she's awesome!) The song is basically a collection of random reminiscences--each line beginning with, "Hey, remember that time when...." (Examples from the song: Hey, remember that time when all I would read was shakespeare? Hey, remember that time when all I would read was the back of cereal boxes? Hey, remember that time when all I would eat was boxes of tangerines?) So basically, I'm just going to list some random bits of my life in that form, even though none of you guys will remember any of those times. Sound good? No? Too bad. That's what I'm doing.

Hey, remember that time when I....
  • fell down two flights of stairs in front of all my peers?
  • went door-to-door with my best-friend selling microwaved, ketchup-ed slices of hotdogs for twenty bucks when I was five?
  • stayed up ALL night reading the seventh Harry Potter book and had it read before it had been out for a full twenty-four hours?
  • really, really enjoyed the song, "Tell Me What You Want" by the Spice Girls?
  • was terrified by a deranged, drunk, homeless man in the London Underground who looked EXACTLY like how I picture Mundungus Fletcher in the Harry Potter books?
  • joined YouTube just so I could subscribe to vlogbrothers and the two 5AG channels, and then ended up making my own videos and joining a collab channel?
  • watched The Little Mermaid and Beauty & the Beast EVERY DAY?
  • took gymnastics as a child and sprained my ankle on parents night?
  • almost beat my dad at chess?
  • was driving to my first ever figure skating class and was late because I passed the rink and went through two other cities before noticing I wasn't in the right place any more?
  • took piano lessons for two years and then quit because I hated practicing and then proceeded to love playing the piano later in life for relaxation?
  • listened to nothing but Frank Sinatra for several weeks?
  • listened to nothing but The Beatles for several weeks?
  • first realized I was in love with everything Jane Austen?
  • became obsessed with the "CRAZY CORES!" flavored Skittles? And was super upset that I couldn't find them in the big bags? (Oh wait that was today.)
  • wrote a blog about random things I remember from my past? (That, too.)
That's all I'm going to write about now. Feel free to leave your own "Remember that time when I"s in the comments or on your own blogs!

Under-Appreciated Vocabulary Word of the Day:
frolicsome (adj): full of high-spirited fun; playful


  1. i am absolutely going to start using frolicsome in everyday conversation.

    that is all :]

  2. I might going around saying "frolicsome" tomorrow. It sounds like my kind of word.

    * licked a light bulb because my triplet sister told me not to? (The reverse psychology-practicing devil.)
    * cried for absolutely no reason, except because I realized I hadn't cried in over a year?
    * became a vegetarian for all of ten minutes, before I realized bacon was a type of meat?

  3. I don't think I'm cool enough to make frolicsome a part of my vocab. We'll see though.

    Remember that time:
    *my mom and I both super-glued our fingers together?
    *I read Matilda in one day?
    *I got my door taken off b/c I'd always run and hide in my room if I got in trouble?
    *I won a t.v. in a raffle?
    *I used to have a rock collection of not so special rocks?

    p.s. Regina rocks!! =D

  4. I've never heard of Regina Spektor, but the preview you gave us was pretty awesome!

    You come up with the most creative blogs. This looks fun...especially if I put stuff out of context!

    Hey, remember that time I:
    - had that solo in my high school marching band show that I could never get right?
    - tried so hard to make "All Region" band my sophomore year and didn't make it but ceased to care so much my senior year and made "All Area" and got to audition for "All State"?
    - took part in eating a bean plant in high school biology class?
    - was so paralyzed by a huge cockroach on my apartment floor that I had to call two friends and my parents before I could find the courage to sweep it up off the floor and flush it down the toilet?
    - won Michael Buckley's autograph?
    - guest vlogged on vlogsmoothie?
    - commented on Kiera's blog with random things about myself?
    - ended this comment with a special surprise?

    Well, the last one is untrue because I have no surprise, but yay, this was fun!