Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thinking Ahead

I'm sitting in the Writing Center where I sit for ten hours a week every week unless there happens to be a holiday on a Tuesday or Thursday or if school isn't in. Each day I'm here, I start to get freezing cold about halfway through my shift. I'm suddenly transported to this office tundra because I'm not moving, and also someone who has control over the temperature in the building must like it cold. Despite the fact that this happens on a weekly basis, I never remember to bring a cardigan with me to combat the chill. I leave the house, and it's warm outside. I don't bring cloth warmth. Why would it be cold inside, if it's not outside? Inside should always be warmer. Then I get here. My shift is from one to six, and by 3:30 I start to shiver.

But not today. Today I remembered a cardigan. Because I'm thinking. I'm thinking ahead.

Because I thought ahead this afternoon when I left my house, I am now content. I am comfortable. I wish I could think ahead all of the time so I'd never have to experience the cold. But that's the thing about thinking ahead--you can't know to bring the cardigan until you've experienced not knowing to bring the cardigan. You've felt the shivers.

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  1. I'm a bit slow checking blogs but I guess it's never too late to comment. I have spent WAY too much time thinking if I could go back in time that I could've avoided something, but then I wonder and analyze : would that have changed where I am now? I guess we have to learn from experience. Crappy experience ;p