Monday, July 20, 2009

That's right: I AM an expert.

Hey guys. I feel like it's been ages since I've posted a blog, and that's probably because it has been. Every time I try to sit down and blog I can't think of any good topics...sheesh. I could always tell you about my reactions to Half Blood Prince, but I've read SO many of those blogs lately and just about everything has been said that I would want to say.

But FEAR NOT! I have a plan: I asked my twitter followers (some of whom are also you loyal blog readers) for topics. RANDOM SIDENOTE: I love how everyone just uses twitter like it's some clingy, desperate friend who never has anything better to do than help them with stuff--this "stuff" can range from clothing choices to blog topics to movie recommendations and polls on "should I do THIS or THIS?". It's a funny ol' world we live in nowadays, innit?

Anyways, Beth (easavoy/bethsavoy) gave me a couple of good ideas, one of which I will use in this blog:

Thanks for reminding me about that, Beth! (And I mean for reminding me about the fact that I'm an "mp3 expert" at work, but I'm also happy about the new Demi Lovato album coming out! I like everything Disney channel related far too much for my own good. Yes, I know its target audience is pre-teens. Yes, I know it's really cheesy. Sue me.)

The phenomenon to which Beth is refering:

At my job (the one at the Credit Union) I am apparently the expert on music. I guess it's just because I bring my 80GB Video iPod to work every day. Today one of my co-workers (who is, ironically, the ACTUAL technology expert at the Credit's his job--he's the tech guy) randomly walked into my office, leaned against my desk and stated, "Hey Kiera. I have a question that I think you can answer since you're the mp3 expert."

"I'm the mp3 expert?" I asked, slightly surprised.

"Well yeah," he answered with a shoulder shrug while another co-worker nodded. As I let that sink in, I started anticipating the type of question he might ask; I was thinking he was going to ask me about making files into the proper format for iTunes or something. Instead he surprised me again with this: "Okay. So I've got this Hawaiin song on my computer that we're going to play at the Luau tonight--it sounds JUST like this one other song that's really popular right now. It's driving me crazy because I can't place it. I think you'll probably know it though. You need to come listen to it."

So I followed him into his office and he brought up the music file. It was on some Hawaiin-esque CD for white people to use when they pretend to be Hawaiin at Luaus. The song he played me was a rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" played on the ukulele. As it began I timidly asked, "Does it remind you of that one that's like, 'Well, you done done me in you bet I felt it...'?"

"YES!" He shouted joyfully, making me jump. "THAT'S THE SONG! WHAT SONG IS THAT? WHO SINGS IT?"

After marveling at the fact that he didn't know, I answered, "Oh it's Jason Mraz. 'I'm Yours.'"

"AHA!" he proclaimed while triumphantly pressing the pause button, "I KNEW you would know the answer. Thanks, Kiera."

It was at this point that I returned to my own office, laughing to myself, and did what any other normal person would in this situation--I inconspicuously tweeted from my cell phone at my desk. Tweet-worthy moments are the ones that I live for. Haha.

At another time I'll have to expound on other such instances, for there are many--I seem to be the expert on a wide variety of things at both my jobs because I'm alternately known as "the mp3 expert", "the YouTube expert", "the Twitter expert", "the movie expert", "the book expert", "the Harry Potter expert", and "the English expert", depending on what question someone needs answering. (RANDOM SIDENOTE 2: I just realized that "expert" is one of those words that looks like it's spelled wrong or sounds weird when you think about it too much/use it too many times in one sentence.)

Under-Appreciated Vocabulary Word of the Day:
heinous (adj.): outrageously evil.

Random TV Quote for Your Entertainment:
"George Michael, I'm going to be better about listening to what you're saying from now on; I'm not just going to hear what I want to hear, okay?"
"Okay, Dad...I love my cousin."
"I love you too, son."
--Michael Bluth in Season 3 of "Arrested Development"


  1. My mom always turns to me or my sister whenever she needs help figuring something out online or dealing with computers, even to the point that she's frustrated if we don't know the answer, lol.

    It's a blessing and a curse being the "expert" on these things, isn't it? :-p

  2. Ah, love the MP3 expert story. And can I fangirl the fact that it was my idea that you used. The ning-famous Kiera quoted me! eee!

    People tend to think that I am the "pop expert" despite the fact that I listen to many other things besides "bad" pop music. hehe. I wish I were an "expert" on something more important. :D

  3. I had not read this day yet, but Kiera, you are an expert in such a large array of areas that it is literally mystifying. lol.